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Infrared Remote Control Receiver Emitter USB Adapter IR Extender Repeater

100% Brand New.Color: BlackWith 1 receiver which picks up the signal from the remote controller the receiver is with a convenient IR confirmation LED.

With 1 emitters which is used to send the signals to the A/V components.5V USB AC Power Supply.

34-60kHz operating range.This IR Repeater System Kit allows you to control home theater devices/components which are kept behind closet doors or in a closed cabinet.

Or do you want to control an IR signal devices between two rooms such as adjusting the volume of the amplifier from somewhere? This item allows you to use an existing infrared remote controller to operate an audio/video (A/V) component.

For example: amplifier cable box stereo receiver satellite TV receiver CD player DVD player Blu-ray player or any other components which is controlled by IR signal.Easy Installation:1.

Stick the Receiver in a convenient location that you want with the included double sided tape.2.

Stick the IR emitters (the smaller one) on devices that you want to control.

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